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Chicago, IL 60602
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For lists of the firms in the qualified pools for underwriters for Cook County bond transactions please click here.

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Overview of Cook County Government Investor Relations Program: Cook County is dedicated to providing a high level of public service delivery while minimizing the use of taxpayer resources. The County recognizes that the best method of achieving this goal is to incorporate strong, goal-oriented financial policies and practices into all of its operations. Through the use of strategic business planning and a sound resource allocation process, the County strives for fiscal resiliency that will ensure its core functions and missions are met even in the face of economic adversity. 

The County strives to maintain open and transparent communications regarding current and future financial conditions and to provide this information on a timely basis with bond investors, credit rating institutions, lending institutions, underwriters and other capital market participants. The information on this investor relations site is intended to provide an informational resource for the County's finances. 

Please visit the right side of this page for Cook County financial reference information including the County's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report which is available on the Comprehensive Financial Reports page. Below are some additional external links that may be helpful.

  • EMMA (External Website)

  • County Employee's Annuity and Benefit Fund of Cook County (External Website) - The County Employees' and Officers' Annuity and Benefit Fund of Cook county is a separate unit of government that administers a defined benefit plan created by acts of the Illinois State Legislature to provide retirement and disability benefits to qualified employees of Cook County 

Office of the Chief Financial Officer Contact Information:
Chief Financial Officer Ammar Rizki
(312) 603-6846

Note: Bonds or notes may only be purchased through a broker and through an official statement. Additionally, Cook County's Notice of Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Representation is available here.