Services for Veterinarians

Service Information

Cook County Animal and Rabies Control offers a number of services for veterinarians and animal hospitals in Cook County. For your convenience all of our forms can be downloaded and printed from the sections below.  

  • Annual Rabies Tag Sales and Returns - sales of 1 or 3-year rabies tags are done each year through this program. We also coordinate the return and credit for unused tags.
  • Rabies Certificate Submission - either through paper certificate or through our new electronic ACE Paperless certificate program, all rabies certificates must be submitted to our offices, per County Ordinance.
  • Annual Spay and Neuter Program - each year, we offer clinics/hospitals a reimbursement for all spay/neutering performed in the month of February.
  • Veterinary Reporting System - this service allows veterinarians to voluntarily report disease processes for communicable and zoonotic diseases.

Annual Letters

Each year ARC sends an annual letter to veterinarians recapping the previous year and looking ahead to the following year.

Read the 2024 annual letter.