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FY2023 Proposed Budget Amendments

As part of the budget process, the County Board considers the budget carefully and may submit amendments. Click here to view Amendments to the Tentative Appropriation Ordinance.  Per meeting rules, changes to the proposed amendments are listed as substitutions below:

Amendment 5-S

Amendment 11-S

Amendment 11-S-1

Amendment 17-S-1

FY2023 Executive Budget Recommendation

Click the links below to view the related budget document in PDF format. Adopted and Executive Recommendation budget documents from prior fiscal years are available in the County Budget Archives.

Volume I - Budget Overview FY23 Executive Budget Recommendation

Volume II - Department Line Item Budget FY23 Executive Budget Recommendation

Volume III - Classification and Compensation Schedule FY23 Executive Budget Recommendation

FY2023 Preliminary Forecast Report

The preliminary forecast report presents a mid-year projection of year-end revenues and expenses for Fiscal Year 2022 and an initial forecast for Fiscal Year 2023 revenues for the General Fund and Health Enterprise Fund, the County’s two major operating funds.