Main Office
118 N. Clark St. Room 801
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone Number
(312) 603-3055
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The Bureau of Administration is committed to developing, coordinating and managing programs to enable County departments to better serve the citizens of Cook County in a transparent, efficient, and cost-effective manner. 

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) assists and supports Bureau of Administration (BOA) departments with issues related to policy, personnel, procurement, budget, and technology.

The Office of the CAO also administers Countywide activities including Printing and Graphic Services, Fleet Management, Records Management, Child Support Ordinance Enforcement, and Veterans' Affairs.

Printing and Graphic Services, Fleet Management, and Records Management provide significant support services to all County departments and elected officials.

The Countywide fleet costs for FY2014 was approximately $14.7 million. BOA Fleet Management is coordinating with the Sheriff's Office to consolidate vehicle services Countywide. This consolidation will allow fleet cost and utilization data to be captured and analyzed Countywide and by department to determine areas in which the County's fleet costs can be reduced.

Printing and Graphic Services (PGS) print orders have been increasing due to changing needs of County agencies. PGS changed its chargeback procedures to receive payment for print orders in a timely basis. PGS is continuing to work toward becoming a self sustained operation.

Records Management continues to work with all County departments and elected officials to ensure each agency is properly disposing records in accordance with the Local Records Commission requirements. Ensuring departments dispose records as soon as they are eligible will reduce the amount of storage space needed. Reducing records space will eventually allow the County to reduce one of its records warehouses