Ordinances and Codes

Contractor Registration New (For all Electrical and Plumbing Contractor Registrations see Electrical and Plumbing Contractor Registration… Read More
Electronic Permits-Apply Online! The Department of Building and Zoning is launching a new service for the residents and businesses located… Read More
Cook County Residential Rental License Ordinance On June 29th 2016, the Cook County Board of Commissioners passed the Rental Dwelling Ordin… Read More
The Cook County Commission on Human Rights is an eleven member board appointed by the President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, s… Read More
This page includes reports, guidance documents, and statements released by the Commission on Human Rights. Read More
Compliance As required under the Employment Plan, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle hired a Compliance Officer whose primary res… Read More
The COVID-19 Vaccination Rights for Employees and Employer Obligations Ordinance went into effect on July 1, 2021. Employers cannot require… Read More
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Search and view the Cook County code of ordinances, or laws, as passed by the County Board of Commissioners. Adopted ordinances that have no… Read More
After engaging in a public rulemaking process, the Commission adopted interpretative and procedural rules for its enforcement of the Cook Co… Read More
The Commission investigates and, if warranted, adjudicates violations of the Cook County Earned Sick Leave Ordinance. If you believe that yo… Read More
The Commission investigates and, if warranted, adjudicates violations of the Cook County Minimum Wage Ordinance. If you believe that you hav… Read More
The Commission investigates, mediates and, if warranted, adjudicates violations of the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance. If you believe th… Read More
Home Rule Tax Web (mobile) application The Home Rule Tax Reward program rewards those individuals who report violations of the Cook County… Read More
Fair Housing Video Collection Just Housing Amendment Screening Process The purpose of this video is to outline the three-step screening pr… Read More
This ordinance requires that all employers who contract with Cook County government to provide labor or who operate on property in Cook Coun… Read More
Cook County’s minimum wage is based on the greatest rate among the Federal minimum wage, Illinois State minimum wage, or on the County’s cal… Read More
Ordinance This ordinance establishes an office of County Government known as the Office of Independent Inspector General ("OIIG"). The Inde… Read More
The Cook County No Cash Bid (NCB) Program is an economic development tool designed to assist municipalities, and other taxing districts, in… Read More
Overview October 28, 1969, a lawsuit entitled Michael Shakman, et al., v. Democratic Organization of Cook County, et al., No. 69 C 2145 (N.… Read More
Video Gaming Cook County now allows establishments licensed to sell alcohol for on-site consumption to install up to 6 video gaming termina… Read More
Zoning Ordinance AdministrationAdministration of the zoning ordinance shall be exercised through a person in the Department of Building and… Read More