The Cook County Living Wage Ordinance is codified in various sections of the Municode for Cook County, including Sections 74-71 and 34-160. The Cook County Living Wage is adjusted each year by the Chief Financial Officer for Cook County. Effective July 1, 2019, employees of contractors and subcontractors providing labor on a County contract or employees of any employer working on property that receives a Class 6B, Class 8 or Class 9 tax incentive in Cook County must be paid at least $15.47/hr. (If a covered employer provides qualifying healthcare benefits to covered employees, the Cook County Living Wage is reduced to $12.38/hr.)


Employees who believe that their employer has violated the Cook County Living Wage Ordinance should contact the Cook County Commission on Human Rights about filing a complaint (in person: 9am-4pm or by appointment, Monday through Friday, at 69 W. Washington, Chicago, IL 60602; by phone: 312.603.1100; or by email: The Commission investigates complaints to determine if a violation of the Ordinance has occurred. The Chief Procurement Officer for Cook County or the Cook County Assessor then reviews the Commission's recommendation and makes a policy consideration as to whether to pursue back pay, debarment of a County contractor or subcontractor, revocation of a property tax incentive or other appropriate remedies.

Employers can contact the Cook County Bureau of Finance for advice regarding compliance with the Cook County Living Wage Ordinance.