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Information for Funeral Directors 

The following information is intended for funeral directors to assist them in working with the Office of the Medical Examiner. For questions, please call the Medical Records Department at 312-997-4425.

Cremation Authorization Permits

Cremation permits are $150 each. There are two types of cremation authorizations:

1. Hand-written permit

For Fetal Death Certificates, Hand Signed Death Certificates and deaths where the disposition is a donation, the funeral director must come to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office to obtain a cremation permit.

2. Authorization through Illinois Vital Records System (IVRS)

Funeral home/crematory fax accounts are being phased out. Funeral directors are encouraged to use the Medical Examiner's Digital Portal (below) to apply for cremation authorization online. Please call 312-997-4425 for assistance.

To submit online: