Open Government

Whether providing open data from our County systems or maps and information, Cook County is committed to providing transparency and open government.

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The Commission investigates and, if warranted, adjudicates violations of the Cook County Minimum Wage Ordinance. If you believe that you hav… Read More
The Commission investigates, mediates and, if warranted, adjudicates violations of the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance. If you believe th… Read More
General Complaints If you have information concerning corruption, fraud, waste, mismanagement, and/or employee misconduct (whether it invol… Read More
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Steven E. Cyranoski  Interim Inspector General Pursuant to OIIG Ordinance, Steven E. Cyranoski currently serves as Interim Inspector Gener… Read More
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A request for an advisory opinion or request for an investigation may be made by completing and returning the proper forms below to the Boar… Read More
An exempt position is one that involves policy making to an extent or is confidential in such a way that political affiliation is an appropr… Read More
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