Cook County Boards and Commissions

A Message From The Cook County President

Our democracy is built on the idea of participatory government. One of the best ways you can participate is by serving on a county board or commission.

These groups of people, just like you or I, oversee and advise county elected officials, agencies, and departments on a wide range of vital issues.

Take a few minutes to find a board or commission you're interested in serving on. Click on a link to read more about the board, or if you know where you'd like to serve, submit an application using the form provided below.

Board Appointment Form

Be sure to download this form PDF to complete and submit, following the instructions on the form.

It's up to you to take the first step towards promoting open, honest and effective government.

Cook County Boards and Commissions

The following are boards or commissions where the County Board President has appointment authority: