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Health Care FSA

Use these funds to pay for a broad array of eligible expenses (such as deductibles, copays, dental and vision care and prescriptions) incurred by you or your eligible dependents. Optum Financial provides a Health Care FSA payment card for these expenses. Health Care FSA contributions are limited to $2,750 for the 2022 plan year.

Employees have a grace period that ends March 15, 2023 to spend remaining funds in their health care FSA for the 2022 plan year. March 31, 2023 is the deadline to submit paper claims and receipts to Optum Financial for covered expenses in the 2022 plan year.

*Payroll deductions taken as a result of employee enrollment error will not be refunded or applied to another FSA account.

By federal law, any funds remaining in these accounts at the end of the grace period cannot be rolled over or be refunded.


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